3D Printing – Inventor Models pt.1

I began by sketching out some ideas for different parts or pieces that I could model.


My ability to create more complex models was inhibited as I could not have the software on my personal computer and had to go into university every time I wanted to create a model. This means I was not able to put in the time I wanted to create models I was happier with or were more interesting.


1 part × 2

I was inspired by the idea of movement and joining as one. I also like the idea of one model that can be printed multiple times to create objects that can move. This part was something that really interested me and so I created a separate blog post about it 3D Printing – Print Test (One)

Printed part- IMG_1417 (1)

1 part × 2

I was inspired obviously by lego bricks and wanted to know if I could recreate on in Inventor as I had never used the software before and wanted to start with something relatively simple.


1 part × 2

I found many examples online of ball and socket joints in the use of miniatures and puppets and then went on to look for 3D printed examples and attempted to recreate them in Inventor. The imaged that particularly inspired me were –

Link to these images and the post associated to them- Ball and Socket Joints


I had some difficulties creating this particular design, I wanted to combine them into one piece so it could be printed multiple time and repeated creating a chain of some sorts using only one basic component. The trouble came when sculpting the socket as I couldn’t figure out how to indent and then also keep the integrity of the sphere I placed, this consumed a lot of time however I think I have finished with a workable solution though I will be interested to see it once it has been printed.


2 parts


3 parts


After my last models and some research, I became interested in the idea of a living hinge within a part that could join, I wanted to start off by recreating a model I saw online and getting down the basic principles before I went ahead and designed anything original.

Inspiration- Carabiner


There is also a series of 3 long rectangular pieces that slot in.

Printed Part-

This part didn’t work as the print failed and was too large and so I remodeled it and reprinted.

Printed Part Two-

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